Expansion joints
  Expansion joints made of aluminium, with welded ends
  Expansion joints made of copper, with welded ends
  Expansion joints made of copper,pressure-riveted
Technical explanations

Expansion joints are absolutely necessary wherever long sections of busbars are to be laid as the joints compensate for the linear expansion of the bars. When employed between machines, switches, transformers etc., expansion joints prevent mechanical switch impulses or undesirable vibrations from being transmitted.

Recommendations for product selection

Inert-gas-welded expansion joints

  - excel due to their high elasticity;
  - can be fitted even when there are large geometrical deviations from the DIN tape.
Pressure-riveted expansion joints
  - are employed in applications where an extremely high frequency of movement is essential, e.g. in robots or welding machines;
  - can be manufactured in any desired thickness.
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